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Our pizza is great, but don’t take our word for it

When you live in San Diego’s Little Italy, you expect good pizza. Thankfully, Landini’s Pizzeria delivers (literally and figuratively) delicious, thin slices of pizza with a myriad of toppings… all served in a fun, casual atmosphere and at bargain prices.

If ordering by the slice, the pizzas are precooked (which is about as close as I get to “fast food”) and are then reheated in their oven. While the pizzas do not look too appealing in the display window, they definitely perk up after being reheated and gain some of their original melted-oozing-cheese-and-deliciousness yum factor.

I highly recommend the slices with fresh ricotta and tomato sauce: their sauce packs an acidic tomato and garlic kick, and the creamy ricotta in contrast with the crunchy thin crust is a great combination of textures. Their spinach and sun dried tomato pizza (featured in the photo) is another one of my favorites.

Landini’s recently began serving beer and wine and visitors can enjoy their beverages on their back patio: at $8 for two slices of pizza and a beer, no one can complain about the price!” (please note: price has changed to $8.50)

– Amanda Roberts-Jones San Diego Culinary Travel Examiner


January 13, 2011


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